Alumni Association Board of Directors

Beth C. Alexander
Vice President Private Banking
CapStar Bank
Class of 1988

Vice President
Rick L. Martin
Senior Director
Compassion Forward Asurion
Class of 2018

Gracie R. Porter
Retired Principal
Metro Public Schools
Class of 2001

Kim Bradley Thomason
Thomason Financial Resources
Class of 1998

Betty L. Price
Price Financial Consulting
Class of 2006

Immediate Past President
Steve H. Horrell
Manier & Horrell Properties Inc.
Class of 2003

Vanita Lytle-Sherrill
Retired Dean and Professor
Volunteer State College
Class of 1977

Gilbert N. Smith
Principal Broker
Charlotte Realty Company
Class of 1978

Jerry B. Williams
Executive Director Emerita
Leadership Nashville
Class of 1979

Irwin Venick
Managing Member
Dobbins, Venick, Kuhn & Byassee
Class of 1980

Carol McCoy
Retired Chancellor
Davidson County Chancery Court
Class of 1981

Torry Johnson
Retired District Attorney General
Visiting Professor of Law Belmont University
Class of 1982

Vicki Bartholomew
Class of 1983

John C. Eason
Retired Diversified Trust Company
Board Member TN Charter School Center
Class of 1984

Jo Federspiel
Well Presented
Presentation Coach
Class of 1985

Carole S. Bucey
Davidson County Historian
Professor of History
Volunteer State Community College
Class of 1986

Lady Bird
Retired President
Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation
Class of 1987

Steve Hewlett
CEO Hewlett Spencer
Class of 1988

Hal Pennington
Retired Chairman
Genesco Inc.
Class of 1989

Lynn H. Ragland
Coordinator of Pastoral Care
St. George’s Episcopal Church
Class of 1990

Theresa Carl
Governor’s Book from  Birth Foundation
Class of 1991

Steve Gill
Gill Media, Inc.
Class of 1992

DaJeff Ockerman
State Health Planning Division
Class of 1993

Jaynee Day
President & CEO
Second Harvest Food Bank
Class of 1994

Kem Hinton
Kem Hinton Design
Class of 1995

Amy Kurland
Founder The Bluebird Café
Class of 1996

Mary Jones
Community Volunteer
Co-Owner Noshville Delicatessen
Class of 1997

Mary Baker
Owner Baker Coaching & Consulting
Former President & CEO, Monroe Harding Inc.
Class of 1998

Derek Young
President & CEO
YMG Enterprises, LLC
Class of 1999

Craig Laine
Class of 2000

Rita Mitchell
Retired Exec. VP
First Tennessee Bank
Class of 2001

Donna Dalton
Director Community Development
Vanderbilt University
Class of 2002

Latrisha Jemison
Sr. Vice President
Regional Community Development & Partnership Mgr.
Regions Bank
Class of 2003

Roberta Ciuffo West
Executive Vice President for Education & Outreach
Tennessee Performing Arts Center
Class of 2004

Sally Smallwood
All About Women
Class of 2005

Jim Gaittens
Managing Director
TVV Capital
Class of 2006

Cheryl Mason
Healthcare Consultant
Class of 2007

Michael McBride
Artist/Owner M&M Studio
Class of 2008

Tony Conway
Conway Entertainment Group LLC
Ontourage Management
Class of 2009

Ed Cole
Retired Executive Director
Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee
Class of 2010

Spenser Wiggins
Vice President, Community and
Customer Relations
ALS Education, Inc.
Class of 2011

Tari Hughes
President and CEO
Center for Nonprofit Management
Class of 2012

John C. Tishler
Waller Landsden Dortch & Davis
Class of 2013

Laura Creekmore
Director of Taxonomy and Content Strategy
Edgenet President Creek Content
Class of 2014

Stephen Zralek
Bone McAllester Norton
Class of 2015

Chuck Mader
Senior Vice President, Regional Mortgage Executive
Regions Bank
Class of 2016

Stephanie Silverman
Executive Director
Belcourt Theatre
Class of 2017

Marcia Masulla
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Nashville Fashion Week
CEO Roar Nashville
Class of 2018

Harry Allen
Chief Relationship Officer
Studio Bank
Class of 2019