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The Leadership Nashville Foundation was founded as an independent, executive leadership program to give community leaders from all parts of Nashville a three-dimensional view of this city. Since Metropolitan Nashville is a union of satellite cities and neighborhoods, participants live and work in communities that are near and yet worlds apart. Leadership Nashville plays a vital role in bringing diverse leaders together for connections that move us forward as one city.

The men and women selected each year represent a diversity of races, religions, ages and political persuasions, as well as a geographical cross section of neighborhoods. The class includes native Nashvillians and people who have moved here in leadership positions. Participants are educators, doctors, bankers, artists, business people, rabbis, ministers, lawyers, and representatives of labor, public service, international communities and the volunteer sector.

This is a blockquote. Each person elected to participate in Leadership Nashville makes an extensive time commitment.

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Each person elected to participate in Leadership Nashville makes an extensive time commitment. Attendance is mandatory for the nine-month program that begins in September. The Opening Retreat is in early October and the Closing Retreat is early June. Between these retreats are seven monthly meetings that average 13 hours each on the first Thursdays of November through May. Participants also work in study groups and present a report at the closing retreat.


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The goal of Leadership Nashville today is the same as it was in 1976:

  • To build channels of communication between established leaders.
  • To connect these leaders with community issues.
  • To equip participants with insights not solutions.


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